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Zufall & Notwendigkeit (Life between the Exit Signs)

Short.  18min.  AT 2019. Director: Nicolas Pindeus

A young man is standing in a hospital room inhabited by his mentally ill mother. She is asleep and instead of waking her, he leaves the room.
In search for distraction he drifts through day and night. He embarks on a series of events that bring light into his fears, identity conflicts and his desire for a sense of belonging in this world.


Diagonale (Austria 2019) - Best Young Talent Film Award

VIS Vienna Shorts (Austria 2019)

Sarajevo Film Festival (BIH 2019)

YOUKI  (Austria 2019)

Silk Road Film Festival (Ireland 2020)

Akbank Shortfilm Festival (Istanbul 2020)
Festival International du Filmes de Rennes (France 2020) - Cancelled due to Covid19
Hong Kong International Film Festival (China 2020)
Mecal International Short Film Festival of Barcelona (Spain 2020) - Cancelled due to Covid19

Motovun Film Festival (Croatia 2020)
20th International Film Schools Festival (Uruguay 2020)
KO:SH Film Fest (Albania 2020)

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